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Team Info

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Lou Berliner Sports Complex
Field 20
325 Greenlawn Ave.  Columbus, OH

Contact Information
head coach: Chris Taylor
phone: 614-381-1260

About Us / Team History

Our team is centered around a philosophy of allowing the kids to play multiple travel sports at once - a definite unique approach to travel baseball - and one not found anywhere else as far as I can tell.   The sports our boys play (outside of baseball) range from soccer, lacrosse, basketball, swimming, ice hockey, football, and wrestling.

Most of boys on this team have a sports calendar that NEVER lets up.   And, when they play these other sports, they do it at the highest levels.  We have a state champion wrestler, many middle school football players, several school/AAU basketball players, soccer players on some of the top clubs in the city, including some that have made Olympic development levels, several travel ice hockey players in the AAA Blue Jackets program, and many many great other sport involvements/accomplishments.

As you can imagine, boys playing at elite levels in other sports has always made travel baseball a difficult proposition for our kids, as the travel baseball coaches our boys have played for in the past would penalize our boys for missing time due to their other sports.   In fact, in some cases, we tried out for certain travel baseball teams, only to be told we could not play travel baseball due to soccer or other sports we played that conflicted with baseball.  Our families grew so tired of this short-sided approach to running a travel baseball team - so we created our own.

We are a team that allows the other sports to flourish and co-exist with our baseball calendar, all the while training/playing baseball at the highest levels we can.  This is executed thru extreme levels of communication with the parents, rigorous calendar sharing, training sessions in Fall and Winter, and a penalty free environment for missing time due to other sports once the season begins.

Our history:  We've gone from our local rec programs way back at the tee ball ages, to playing "middle tier" baseball in the Dublin Bats program, and then later establishing ourselves as the Hilliard Hornets, in COYBL, from 2014 thru 2016.   We joined Ohio Elite in early Fall 2016 and are very excited about this amazing opportunity to continue our baseball journey further.